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The Pandemic Years

Living through a pandemic for more than two years has highlighted how connected we are, how resilient we can be, 我们还要走多远才能实现一个公平的世界.

The next chapter

Experts explore global health equity, relaxing restrictions, and the evolution of the contagion.


Health care heroes

从开创性的疫苗研究到提供拯救生命的护理, 这些巴黎人贵宾厅社区成员, 还有世界上无数的人, 奋起应对这一流行病的挑战.

The heroes behind the heroes

When Harvard officials transitioned the University to remote learning in the spring of 2020, 有些人需要留下来.


COVID-19 revisited

随着我们慢慢走向大流行后的世界, it can be helpful to look back at the major moments to better understand the past and ensure a safer future.



January 2020

The outbreak

Professor of Epidemiology Marc Lipsitch talked about the growing number of coronavirus cases around the world.

重温《巴黎人贵宾厅公报》(Harvard Gazette)巴黎人贵宾会官方网址新冠肺炎的第一篇文章

November 2020

The vaccines

Harvard Chan School Professor Barry Bloom offered insight on the two COVID mRNA vaccines.


July 2021

The delta variant

William Hanage, associate professor of epidemiology, discussed the rapidly spreading variant.



November 2021

The boosters

Harvard Medical School’s Jonathan Abraham shared insights on the science and history of vaccine boosters.

2 .重温对支持者的第一印象

2022 and beyond

The future

A new study led by Harvard researchers models future SARS-CoV-2 mutations and forecasts their ability to evade immune defenses developed by vaccines and antibody-based treatments


Finding the positives

《巴黎人贵宾厅公报》采访了医学领域的专家, biology, public health, education, 宗教为冠状病毒大流行带来了一线希望.

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Michelle Williams

“这场大流行迫使人们做出清算. No longer can any sector function without public health integrated into its DNA.”

Pamela Silver

“更多的人将会知道信使RNA是什么, what an antibody is, 以及免疫系统是如何工作的.”

Ingrid Theresa Katz

“我们看到了更多的跨境互惠, 认识到这种病毒本身跨越国界, and therefore we need to be responsive in a way that doesn’t hem us in …”

Where do we go from here?